Eight River Suite Condominium, Singapore

Usage: Condominium
Location: Singapore

What is the meaning of "living a rich life". This simple question is our starting point towards the ultimate design for this condominium concept.

Nobody doubts that "Singapore is representative of a successfully rich country, not only in Asia but also in the world". This is already a well known fact amongst the people all round the world and adjacent neighbors are most envious of the affluent and prosperous lifestyles in this island state.

Yes. It is true. We have many assets and live a prosperous lifestyle. However, are we truly satisfied with our life here? Despite all the riches, there are pockets of unhappiness and sadness and even sufferings, albeit of a different kind.

Now.. what we are really looking for in our life? Apart from the possession of physical assets and material things, we should seek for more spiritual richness and satisfaction. Through this project, we would like to propose and illustrate elements that may bring spiritual happiness and joyfulness which in turn would bring forth well being, both physically and mentally. Here, being in touch with Mother Nature, it shall bring forth heartwarming relationships with family and lovers, or arts as well as sports. Having achieved this, it would culminate in an easy feeling of true richness, refreshment and total relaxation. What a welcoming state to be in after a stressful day at work and the hum drum of ordinary daily chores !

Our proposed condominium has many facilities to enjoy including a choice of a variety of sports and entertainment. At the roof top of residential towers, it has a sky terrace and gathering space.,

Coming into our proposed garden space, one can touch and experience life art, as in a museum. It exudes a dramatic feeling of encouragement and discoveries amidst the lush landscapes. We have designed an integrated bar counter covered by trellis. From this vantage point, we can enjoy a panoramic city view, listening to the background music while sipping your cocktail or a glass of red.

Our key concept for this condominium design is Art. Art here may take the form of paintings, photographs, calligraphy, sculptures or music and so on. Our proposed art here is a form of "art installation". However, we use architectural methodology as our solution for installation. Hence, we would like to call it "Arch Installation". Of course, our proposed design concept "Art" is not designated only for the facilities but also for the building design

Of course, our proposed design concept "Art" is not designated only for the facilities but also for the building design and fa├žade treatment. Like in the city, one discovers the many variety of music which fills and overflows. It is maybe jazz, classic, rock or disco dancing music. Here, our designed facade is dressed up with similar inspiration of sounds. Random window treatment and dancing vertical fins demonstrate these feeling of sound and musical tone. Our proposed Club House design, especially, is something like the music note or treble clef floating on staff notation. This truly is music and art of life. "Please listen carefully....You can hear the sounds of happiness from this condominium..."

I truly believe that these spiritual experiences of life and environment enrich the residents as well as bringing them, happiness. After all, number "8" had always been associated with good luck, good health and prosperity. Hence, naming this condominium "Eight" is really right and appropriate.